Games, Other Projects

Most of these are on the main page. Some aren't, though. Because some of them don't deserve on the main page! They know what they did.

Dungeon Dual

The world's first asynchronous co-op roguelike game. Originally made for the 2014 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. Plays in a browser. The co-op features are optional, you can still play solo.

RoboCaptain (7DRL version)

A shooty systems-management roguelike game originally made for the 2012 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. Plays in a browser. It is the distant future, the year 2000...


Lightweight javascript code to manage and handle grid or tile-based events in an HTML5 Canvas.

Risk Charts, Analytics

I do a lot of charts and analytics for my real job. Since it is financial in nature, all of the important bits are blurred out and quite out of date.


A squad-based roguelike game originally made for the 2011 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. Gnomes!


A game design experiment vaguely resembling a pirate-themed roguelike game. I spent a lot of time trying to craft a simple interface for the web, but there's not a lot of content.


A terrible roguelike game made for the 2010 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. Leaving it here only as encouragement for future developers of pirate-themed roguelike games. Seriously, don't play it.