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Thanks for checking out RoboCaptain: Doomsday! This is the 2012 7DRL Challenge version, completed in seven days from March 10 to March 17, 2012.

The game is playable entirely with the mouse, or entirely with the keyboard. You can see the full list of controls here.
  • Movement numpad, arrowkeys, VI keys, click (also shoots), right click (never shoots)
  • Shoot f, g to cycle, or mouse-click
  • Toggle Power z, mousewheel
  • Action (Pickup/Open/Read) SPACE, middle click, self-click
  • Activate Item a, click on inventory
  • Cloak On/Off c, right-click on self
  • Drop Item d, right-click on inventory

You can follow my progress on this game (and others) at at Heroic Fisticuffs!. Thanks for playing! Cheers!

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