A "roguelike" game originally created for the 2015 7-Day Roguelike Challenge By HeroicFisticuffs, using CoffeeScript and the amazing rot.js library

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Heavy Axe

It's up to you to destroy the gods. You have been given a magical Axe that can destroy anything -- mortal or immortal. Walking with the Axe drains Stamina, and Stamina directly determines damage. Plan your steps carefully! Make your way to the top of the temple and kill anything in your way.


Keyboard Alt. Keyboard Gamepad Mouse/Touch
Movement ↑←↓→ WASD ↑←↓→ Click Edge
Rest/Taunt/Activate space space A Click @
Drop Axe x q B Alt-Click @
Inventory i e X Alt-Click Edge


Gameplay and Tactics