My entry for the 2012 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. RoboCaptain is a tactical ranged-combat roguelike with a unique systems-management mechanic stolen inspired by the old X-Wing games. The game was created in JavaScript and is playable in any modern (HTML5-compatible) browser.

The Game

You can play the original 7DRL version here

A few people played the game after the challenge and posted some videos on YouTube.

As of 2014 I am working on a new version of the game, which you can read about on my development blog or subscribe to it.

Obligatory Screenshot

How To Play

RoboCaptain has a central Power Core that feeds multiple systems. However, only one system may be charged at a time, requiring you to cycle (mousewheel, z, x) through systems based on your tactical situation.

Managing your system-power will be critical to your survival and successful retrieval of the Y.E.N.D.O.R. AI:

Within the human fortress, you may also find stolen add-on modules and weapons that are robo-compatible. Pick them up (Space, Middle-Click, Self Click) and Activate (a, click) from your inventory.

Your Power Core will recharge as you explore new areas of the fortress.


You will find a detailed robo-schematic here.


It is the distant future... the year 2000. We are Robots. The world is quite different... ever since the Robotic uprising of the late 90s. There is no unhappiness. We no longer say ‘yes’, we say ‘affirmative’. There is no more unethical treatment of the elephants. There is only one kind of dance: the robot (and the robo-boogie, two kinds of dance) . But there are no more humans.

(or so we thought)

A desperate band of humans has surfaced and stolen the Y.E.N.D.O.R. AI Core , hiding it deep within their mountain fortress-lair... in New Zealand.

As the bulk of the robo-military forces have been decommissioned or reprogrammed for robo-dancing purposes, it is up to YOU, one of the last Robo-Captains , to infiltrate this lair and return the AI Core to the surface.

Only then can robotic beings rule the world!

Play the game here (includes bugfixes)

If you are a purist, the original 7DRL version is still available

Thanks for playing! If you are feeling generous, please send any bug reports, comments, and/or words of encouragement to me at .