My entry for the 2011 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. GnomeSquad is a squad-based dungeon-diver roguelike with very tactical gameplay. I consider it a success!

The Game

You can download the source (python) here. This version actually makes a tiny fix to the 7DRL version, which accidentally shipped with the final depth level set to 1. It also fixes the annoying "faith" bridge level.

The original "final" 7DRL version is still here if you are a traditionalist.

GnomeSquad's source code is covered by the Artist License 2.0

You will need:

Obligatory Screenshots

Journey into the depths!

Cross perilous bridges!

Hurl potions!

Bribe your enemies!

Steampunk!!! (sort of)

Save the King! (not sure he needs it though!)

Amazing Help Files!

Comments and/or gushing praise welcome at